College Life

Find out what some of our current students have to say about life at FPU.

Esther is preparing to be a teacher, she thinks faculty member Dave Youngs is an inspiration.
Josh is majoring in multimedia production and thinks faculty member Pam Johnston is amazing.
After researching academic programs at some other accredited universities, Gonzalo says he found the academics at FPU to be more rigorous.
Malorie is majoring in social work and says that her time at FPU has been life changing.

Beyond Your Degree

The reality is that you only spend a few hours each week in class earning your college degree, and the rest of your time is spent living a student’s life. This section is dedicated to that life—from your spiritual growth and leadership development to making friends and having lots of fun!

We want to help you develop insights, sharpen your skills and have experiences that will empower you to make positive choices throughout your life, because learning here will take place both in and out of the classroom!