Cultural Diversity

Diversity enriches our lives. Whether it is diversity of thought, diversity of activities or diversity of people—our lives are enriched as we learn about, experience and discover the world and its diversity.


FPU's student body reflects the diversity of the community in which we live with many faith backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities. Students, faculty and staff who have lived throughout the world each bring a unique perspective to the campus, and everyone is given the opportunity to expand their worldview.

Fall 2013  
Traditional undergraduate enrollment 1,254
Percent of undergraduate enrollment by gender  
    Men 36%
    Women 64%
Percent of undergraduate enrollment by race/ethnicity  
    American Indian or Alaskan Native .56%
    Asian 3.11%
    Black or African-American 4.15%
    Hawaiian / Pacific Islander .40%
    Hispanic or Latino 37.88%
    Non-resident alien 3.35%
    White 41.47%
    Two or more races 2.47%
    Race-ethnicity unknown 6.62%

Our campus environment is one of inclusion, and diversity is welcomed as we strive to create a culture of preparation and success for all students. As a final celebration for our graduates, we invite them to wear ethnic sashes during graduation.

Fresno County

With over 70 distinct ethnic groups, Fresno County is considered one of the largest, fastest growing and most diverse counties in California. Beginning with farmers who came from all over the world to reap the benefits of good soil, this area has always had a generous mixture of people and cultures. Diversity is and has been one of the hallmarks of Fresno County.

Total population 947,895
   Male 49.9%
   Female 50.1%
   American Indian / Alaskan Native 3.0%
   Asian 10.4%
   Black or African American 5.9%
   Hawaiian / Pacific Islander 0.3%
   Hispanic or Latino 51.2%
   White 31.9%
   Two or more races 2.9%

Source:  United States Census Bureau