Housing Options

Freshmen / Sophomore Living Areas
Modules And Village Modules
Photos of Modules Location on campus Room/Board Rate ($)
Village Suites -- (as available) -- Full Access Meal Plan Required
Photos of Villages Location on campus Room/Board Rate ($)

All freshmen and sophomores must have a Full Access Meal Plan (even if you are in a village suite).

Traditional underclassmen are usually assigned to live in a module or village.

Junior or Senior Living Areas
Photos of Apartments Location on campus Room/Board Rate ($)
Senior Living Areas
Houses (seniors and 21 & older)
Photos of Houses Location on campus Room/Board Rate ($)

Student houses offer proximity to campus and more independence than the traditional residence options.

For houses only — Housing contract dates are as follows:

  • Fall: Check-in until December 31st
    Spring: January 1st until graduation
    Meal plan contract dates follow the traditional semester.

****Single rooms available for sophomore through senior students only. (Freshmen are required to have a roommate.)

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Housing Policy

The university believes that residence halls provide an educational benefit to students. The experience of living and participating in a residence hall enriches the spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical life. It is by nature experiential. One is challenged to learn and live with others who are different from themselves. It is an opportunity to translate faith into learning and living.

All students are required to live in campus housing unless they qualify for at least one of the following exemptions:

  1. Living at home with their parent(s) or parental age relative
  2. 21 years of age or older before the first day of class or within the “grace period” of the first two weeks of each semester
  3. Married or getting married before the start of the semester
  4. Are a parent and primary care giver for their child
  5. Carrying fewer than 9 units
  6. Accepted to live in an authorized residential ministry program

Students must demonstrate compliance with the housing policy every year before the first day of class by completing and submitting a Housing Policy Form. Students who fail to do so will be charged the applicable room and board rate (applied to their student account) until they come into compliance with the housing policy by either moving on-campus, qualifying for an exemption listed above or successfully petitioning to live off campus.

Housing Policy Form